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Challenges and competitive business environment forces managers to constantly increase the operational and economic performance of their companies. But in order to increase performance in the long run, a company must have effective business procedures set up and a well-established organisation and management system. This is the only way to convert strategy into everyday practice.

We often see that society cannot sustain its natural development. The demands and needs of customers are constantly increasing, market conditions are tightening, products and services are changing, and internal organisation and processes must adapt to this. It becomes hard to keep track of the company's performance, most time it is devoted to day-to-day operations and there is no room left for the realisation of long-term goals for the future. What happens next? The company operates inefficiently, its economy deteriorates and costs rise. The company enters the vicious circle where customers are unsatisfied and employees lose their motivation.

Process and Organisational Optimization

In today's rapidly-changing world, only those who are ready for change will succeed. This includes changing products, business approaches and operation. If a company is to succeed, change must be managed and both the management and employees need to be enthusiastic about it.

Experts from the Moore Czech Republic group have extensive experience in the area of procedural and organisational optimisation, both in large corporations and smaller private companies, institutions and state or public administration organisations. Our ability to implement the proposed procedures directly into practice and make sure they are automated using modern IT technologies is of great benefit to our clients. We are able to design management systems which significantly increase the competitiveness of a company.

As part of our services, we will ensure the preparation of specific and practical recommendations for changes, in cooperation with our clients. More than that, we also ensure their implementation in the real environment.

Cost Reduction

Reducing costs should be a natural part of each company's recovery mechanisms. In almost every company, unnecessary costs arise over time, which the management should be able to identify and reduce on an on-going basis. However, in the flow of daily tasks, companies often do not have time for this or suffer from operation´s “blindness”.

An unavoidable challenge is also a change in the cost structure in relation with a new direction of the company, the introduction of a new product portfolio or preparing the company for sale.

Our specialists in reducing costs and effective cost management implement projects directly aimed at identifying and achieving specific cost savings (cost cutting), which the company implements within a maximum period of one year with minimum time and financial investment (quick wins), on one hand, and system-oriented projects with long-lasting effect which often require a certain level of consumed resources, on the other hand. Even in these cases, the time frame of the economic return ranges from 2 to 3 years.

When implementing cost reduction projects, a combination of various modern approaches is used, usually it is based on lean manufacturing and controlling. If the nature of the project allows, our compensation is directly linked to the real achieved economic effect for the client (cost savings).

Procurement Optimisation

The area of input material and services purchase, i.e., investment, represents one of the most important cost items of any manufacturing or trading company and, in addition to personnel costs, offers the greatest potential for savings.

Moore Czech Republic has a team of experts specialising exclusively in the area of procurement and its optimisation. In practice, this is ensured through strategic sourcing, i.e., selecting and negotiation with new or existing suppliers of significant purchased items, where, based on the input expenditure analysis, there is the potential to achieve more favourable conditions for the client. The role of Moore Czech Republic's consultants is, besides the initial identification of savings potential, defining the strategy of the tender process and its subsequent implementation using business negotiation tools, with the objective of new and more advantageous contractual conditions. Our compensation is directly linked to quantifiable effects for the client.

If the client's purchasing process is not carried out to the best possible effect, experts from Moore Czech Republic are able to identify its weaknesses, design and implement its optimal form, including connections to other business processes and settings of the information system, taking into account the specifics and the sector of the client's operation.

Project Management

In project management, it is necessary to apply a combination of specific knowledge, experience, skills, tools and procedures, so that the project meets the respective requirements and achieves the stated goals in a specified time, at the specified cost and with adequate quality. A key prerequisite for quality and successful project management is to have, apart from an experienced project manager, also an established well-functioning project management system, in some cases project offices.

Based on many years of experience in managing numerous projects from different spheres of business, experts from Moore Czech Republic provide our clients with both expert advice on the design and comprehensive implementation of project management rules and processes (including project office setting up) and executive management of the projects, including the entire process, i.e., project definition and planning, building the project team and its ongoing management including risk assessment and elimination, successful completion of the project and delivery of its outputs.