Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting services

We offer services that will free you from bureaucracy and replace your qualified economic department while adhering to the principle of discretion and responsibility. The range of our accounting services includes bookkeeping according to Czech accounting standards, financial statements and reports processing (NBS, statistical office, tax office, etc.), accounting reconstruction, consulting, processing of documentation for the purpose of reporting and controlling, bank account management, securing payment operations on client's bank account or property records. We are able to ensure clients' bookkeeping on their information systems.

Payroll accounting

There is no area of accounting more sensitive than payroll. Every employee expects to receive their salary correctly processed and on time. Our company is able to take over the complete management of your payroll agenda, including all related operations under generally applicable legislation or corporate rules (execution, surcharges or concessions, travel orders, benefits, etc.), reports for state authorities, health and social insurance, and overviews for employers. We ensure payment of salaries through our accounts, which increases the level of confidentiality in the given field.