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Digitalisation, automation and robotisation are increasingly important segments of business processes, as they can reduce the demands on human resource capacity, as well as streamline their work. To this end, we provide our clients with high-quality and tailor-made solutions for the digitisation of internal processes and engage
in creating significant competitive advantages for our clients.

Within Moore Czech Republic group, we also provide software solutions, focused on the collection, processing and advanced analysis of data from technical networks using machine learning, especially in the field of energy industry, smart cities and manufacturing production. This solution can be applied, e.g., in energy industryor manufacturing, where large amounts of data for the management, administration and further development of individual systems need to be processed. This refers, in particular, to finding solutions that are too complicated for humans to find, while too many factors, uncertainties and different scenarios need to be taken into account. And this is where companies cannot do without artificial intelligence, which, thanks to specific algorithms, can adapt to continuously changing conditions.