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Every progressive company wants to grow, discover new opportunities and gain new customers for its products and services. Each market has its specifics and needs while demands of customers are becoming greater, services and products are getting more complex, their number is increasing and the legislative environment is evolving.

The foundation of success is to have a clear and understandable vision and strategy supported by the whole company. The rich experience of our team, which also includes managers who have managed local and multinational companies and have long practical experience in the field of strategic directing of companies, is a prerequisite for meeting these challenges.

Our services include the design and implementation of corporate strategies to its full extent, starting with the definition of a strategic vision and setting strategic goals all the way to implementing specific measures and projects to meet the objectives, and formulating ambitious but achievable business plans. The core of our services is usually the introduction of strategic controlling and client support in the actual implementation of the strategy.

The entire preparation of the process is very practical and it takes 2 to 3 months, usually carried out in the form of a series of ready-prepared workshops moderated by an experienced consultant. For each workshop, we prepare analytical documents and promptly document the workshop conclusions. The main output is a document, which will be communicated in various forms within the client's organisation and externally, and which becomes one of the essential supporting documents for the subsequent implementation.

An important part of our consultancy services in the strategic area is the design and implementation of comprehensive or specialised strategic and conceptual documents for the state administration, as well as for regions, cities and municipalities. We are actively engaged in the elaboration of regional development strategies, e.g., strategies for the development of sporting and cultural activities.


Sustainable Development

Modern companies must respond to the challenges of today's world and give full attention to sustainable development of their business activity. When managing an organisation, it is important to focus primarily on long-term economic, environmental and social aspects which can affect the company's future performance.
Our experts can design and implement the principles of sustainable development and, in cooperation with the client, set up practical business and operational models and procedures that will enable and promote continuous growth.

Marketing and Trade

To succeed, companies must respond to changes in the market environment and adapt not merely their business operation, products and services. Customers are changing their habits and raising new expectations that require new approaches. Hence, it is important to set up business and marketing processes in an effective manner, where the common goal will be to multiply the company's business potential.

We base the creation of our product and marketing strategy on current market knowledge while using big data analytics, including the implementation of new technological approaches. Our teams include professionals in the field of product management, marketing and media, who daily implement new strategies into practice.

The clear and attractive presentation of a quality product on demand is the basis for success. Our experience and expertise are essential for the design and implementation of such solutions, which enable our clients to use all support mechanisms to gain customers and maintain their loyalty.