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A growing number of modern companies have already understood the importance of working with human resources, as they have direct impact on the success of the company as a whole. Employees are unquestionably the treasure of every company and in many cases become a significant competitive advantage.

Human Resource Management

Our practical experience shows that it is absolutely insufficient for successful companies to provide their employees with services covering more or less the areas of the so-called personnel administration, including activities necessary to conclude or terminate an employment relationship and to fulfil the mandatory legal obligations of the employer.

Successful companies, which understand that people are the most important asset, have very carefully designed and set-up processes and tools for human resource management, especially in terms of remuneration and motivation systems, performance evaluation, professional development and talent management. At the same time, they are subject to regular evolutionary adjustments in response to the needs of the current internal situation of the company and the labour market conditions.

Our experts can provide comprehensive consulting services in the area of human resource management. Our main specialty is practical experience with building an interconnected human resources management system functioning as a whole, including connections to other key company processes and functions (strategy, sales, production, planning, controlling).

Typical services provided to clients in the field of human resources include personnel audits, organisation and human resource management system set up, including the implementation of performance management and a system of evaluation, motivation, remuneration, personal growth and training as well as building an assessment/development centre.


Times are changing in proportion with the method of recruiting new employees in companies. Almost every company has specific job positions that are difficult to fill with a quality candidate. In situations like these, it is appropriate to use the services of an external personnel agency.

Moore Czech Republic works with recruitment experts who can respond with flexibility to the current needs of clients and labour market developments, such as changes in the level and structure of remuneration for specific positions in the region, availability of workers in the local labour market, shifts in the level professional qualifications or developments in the client's internal environment, such as fluctuation and employee satisfaction.

Within the framework of recruitment services we provide clients with comprehensive services, i.e. identification of the job position, including a description of the tasks and remuneration conditions, finding suitable candidates, addressing them and performing the initial assessment, final selection and recommendation of the candidate to the client, arranging an interview between the candidate and the client and assisting in negotiating contractual terms and concluding an employment contract. If it is desirable in a specific case, we can also provide psycho-diagnostic testing of candidates and set up assessment centres.