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The aim of financial management is to obtain a comprehensive and accurate overview of the company's key financial indicators as an input to the management's decision-making. This is a key prerequisite for successful management of any company and for the efficient use of its resources.

Planning and Controlling

A sophisticated planning and controlling systems help achieve business objectives and draw the attention of the management to impending dangers that require adequate action in a timely manner.

Moore Czech Republic has large-scale experience in the area of planning and controlling in various industries and types of companies. Our experts deal not only with setting up a suitable controlling database in the form of a properly set cost and calculation system, but also with building an optimal information structure enabling effective reporting. Based on the information generated by appropriate setting up of the controlling tools, the company's management is able to address the situation accordingly.

In the area of planning, our team helps to launch the plan creation process and supports its integration into the company's information system so as to support the aimed vision and strategy of the company with the aim of setting motivating but achievable goals for all internal departments.

Special attention is also devoted to short-term and long-term management of working capital and cash flow, for which our consultants introduce essential internal procedures and reports in the client's environment, enabling the company to respond to both short-term and long-term fluctuations in its financial situation.

Financial Restructuring

When a company gets into financial problems, our specialists can quickly analyse the situation, prepare a plan of measures (including so-called quick wins) and assist in its implementation, including the provision of interim management, e.g., by appointing an interim CEO. If necessary, we can also take over negotiations with banks and other creditors or public authorities. In many cases, we are able to help with a solution based on finding a suitable investor, whether strategic or financial. As a last resort, we can navigate the company through insolvency proceedings with the minimisation of negative impacts on its operation.

Financial aid Consultancy

Currently, companies have a number of opportunities how to apply and obtain financial aid for the implementation of their projects. It is either in the form of direct subsidies or investment incentives. It is important to be well-navigated through the various forms of aid offered in order to find the most suitable solution for each specific project.

In Moore Czech Republic, we understand the difficulties that the management must avoid in order to obtain adequate financial support. Our experts can help with the identification, acquisition and effective use, including all the necessary paperwork. In this context, they are able to handle the assessment of the necessary documents, recommend the most suitable grant programme for the planned projects, arrange the paperwork related to the grant programmes, including preparation of tenders and personal negotiations with the grant providers.