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At a certain stage of the company's development, there may occur a need to create separated divisions, either with the purpose of separating risks, applying different management approaches or creating a joint venture with a business partner. In consequence, the company will begin to change organically into a holding structure with much greater variability in further development. However, this process should take place in a controlled manner, with a long-term vision and while considering all relevant legal and tax effects. The need to create a holding structure often arises in the generational change of the company owners and represents an effective tool for the management and development of family property.

The rich experience of our team in the field of creation of holding structures and various forms of reorganisation enables us to find and optimal solution for our clients in situations like these. Our specialists are willing to prepare solutions tailored to the needs and conditions of our clients, taking into account all relevant legal aspects and tax impacts, whether it is the creation of a holding structure, its transformation (mergers, divisions and other transformations), post-acquisition integration or joint venture.