Management Consulting

Human resources and recruitment

Modern companies increasingly appreciate the importance of working with HR, because it has a direct influence on the company's success. Specific HR management processes need to be implemented into the company, whether it is a remuneration system, performance evaluation or talent management. We provide comprehensive consulting services in the field of human resources management. We focus primarily on setting and integrating key elements and HR management processes into one functional system. Based on our experience we know that it is important to ensure that HR management methods become part of projects that are not immediately focused on them. Most often we search and select suitable talents for individual positions, conduct personal audits, set up organization and human resource management, performance, evaluation, motivation and remuneration management, personal growth and education systems, etc.

Strategy and marketing

Markets are changing daily. Companies must react and make adjustments not only to how they function, but often to their product or internal processes too. In such a case management usually is not able to focus on high-level strategies that can be applied immediately and help the company. At this stage the most efficient course of action is to acquire know-how which can be applied across the whole organization. We can help precisely with that. We prepare custom-made business strategies for you. Over the course of two- to three-month workshops we will teach you how to apply theory to practice. At the same time, our experts together with external advisors will prepare analyses for you. To attain the best results, the workshops will be led by our most experienced specialists with long-term practice in the field. Your key executives must also be involved in the whole process. The main outcome is a "live" document that is communicated internally and externally in various forms and becomes one of the building blocks for the company's management. Of course, we also set up strategic controlling, based on which we continuously update the strategy.

Optimization of company processes and performance

We often come across companies that are ill-equipped to handle their organic development. Customer demands and needs are growing, market conditions are tightening, company services and products are increasingly complicated and their number increasing. It is easy to lose track of company performance – daily operations consume all the time and there is no room to implement key future goals. We help our clients optimize company processes, propose management systems and detect cost inefficiencies. Our mutual goal is to increase company performance and maximize the return on investment for our consulting services. The remuneration of our consultants is often performance-based and depends on the effect achieved for the client.