Tax Consulting

Tax consulting

In today's world everything we do has tax consequences. Tax is an inevitable element of nearly every business activity and in all jurisdictions in which you operate. The decisions we make today often influence our future tax burden. We help you attain maximum tax efficiency in the short and long term by providing a range of tax services and consulting, including corporate and personal income tax compliance, planning, consulting and income tax structuring, trust and property planning, dealing with employers' questions, salaries and remuneration planning, support with transaction tax structuring, etc.

Transfer pricing and international tax solutions

The globalization of business means that transfer pricing is now a matter of fundamental importance. Tax authorities deliberately target not only large but also medium and small businesses. In addition, many multinationals are now considering non-aggressive ways of controlling costs. A well thought-out transfer pricing strategy can potentially lead to these. We work with clients and our international network of member firms in more than 100 countries to provide transfer pricing reviews, assist in transfer pricing policy design, documentation and protection of audited businesses. In providing this advice, we benefit from our knowledge of the tax authorities' strategies. With foreign tax legislation comes a number of options and pitfalls in setting up your supplier and operating structures around the world. International tax solutions go much deeper than direct taxation. We also pay attention to issues such as foreign customs, VAT, etc.