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Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most important transactions in the life cycle of any company. While being usually complex and risky, these processes require significant time and money investments.

Our experts have extensive experience in providing advice and support in planning, negotiating and completing mergers and acquisitions, and are ready to carry out each phase of the implementation, including the preparation of comprehensive solutions for all tax and legal aspects of the transaction. That is why our team of tax experts is a regular part of the M&A team since the beginning of each process.

We strive to offer an up-to-date and highly professional solution to each specific transaction; we take into account the current situation and the status of the client occurring upon the completion of the transaction. For the effective execution of the transaction, among other things, we determine the values of assets, company or part of it, ensure the determination of assets and business value for the purpose of setting transfer prices, examine and evaluate all other non-monetary assets of the company and help with the correct determination of exchange shares.