Corporate Finance

Corporate finance and economic management

Today, financial managers are expected to provide more than just services for the rest of the company. It is increasingly important that they get involved in corporate processes management to be able to provide meaningful support and strategic decisions to each of them. Economic and operational corporate systems blend together and individual processes or tools must be ready. Consulting in the field of financial and economic corporate management is one of our key services. Our consultants have extensive expert and managerial experience, allowing them to provide their clients with innovative as well as practical solutions. We start from modern methodological approaches and systematically increase added value and overall corporate performance.

Transaction consultancy

Acquisitions, sales, mergers or other changes are key strategic activities by company owners. The interest in new acquisitions among foreign and multinational organizations is growing, as well as the number of companies offered for sale especially in the SME companies’ segment, mainly as a result of generational exchange. Our company is a market leader in this area. Within the so-called "purchase mandate" from our clients we not only select and recommend a company suitable for takeover, but also prepare its evaluation or set up a complete acquisition strategy. We can lead the takeover negotiations in all stages until transaction closing. We also represent owners that are selling their company or its part based on a "sale mandate". From preparing an informational memorandum and other documents, through searching for and approaching strategic or financial investors, to negotiating with selected buyers and transaction closing. These services also include MBO and MBI operations. We have already implemented many conversion type transactions for our clients – mergers, split-offs, branching or other restructuring.

Due diligence

A service for the investor provided in mergers or acquisitions in which the purchased company is verified from a financial, and therefore tax and legal perspective. The aim of due diligence is to know and map the purchased company well and to translate this knowledge into the purchase price (valuation model) or the text of the purchase contract. In our due diligence report, in addition to the main findings our clients find recommendations and other suggestions for steps they can take to successfully complete the transaction. However, the structure of the report and our procedures always depend on the client's specific assignment, the nature of the transaction and the industry in which the target company operates. To a varying extent according to the client's wishes, our due diligence reports typically focus on these areas of risk identification or buyer opportunities in the context of the transaction, normalization of profitability (e.g. "adjusted EBITDA"), sales analysis, margin, profitability and business drivers, the value of net debt taking into account potential risks, analysis of working capital, including determination of its average amount, analysis of other balance sheet items and cash flow, business plan analysis, tax and transaction structuring, legal issues and preparation of transaction documentation. We continuously communicate our findings with the client and provide a professional team with experience in the field throughout the due diligence process. Thanks to the screening, our clients get a real picture of the target company. In many cases they also save significant amounts of money on the purchase price or avoid a failed transaction all together. Our typical clients include strategic investors as well as private equity funds.