Audit and Assurance – in preparation

Audit and Assurance

Our company offers more than just assurance for our clients, that they comply with all the accounting regulations. We understand the need to provide audit advice to help you grow your business and achieve your business goals. We consistently provide audit services across the global network so clients can be assured they receive the highest quality service. In this area we mainly offer auditing of accounting, individual financial statements and consolidated financial statements according to International Standards on Auditing (ISA), consultancy in preparation and verification of financial statements according to IAS/IFRS, conversion of statements prepared according to Czech Accounting Standards or under IAS/IFRS, the preparation of audits of financial statements for company changes, auditing verification of EU funds, auditing compliance of annual reports with financial statements and a number of other related services.

Forensic audit and dispute resolution

Legal challenges come in many forms. If the problems need to be solved through a legal dispute, you will need effective support to protect your interests. Moore Czech Republic provides a number of investigation services for contractual and business litigations, forensic investigation, evaluation and individual as well as family disputes. We offer skills in various areas and experience with all types of conflicts around the world. We will help you especially with business and contractual disputes and mediations related to company or shares evaluation, expert opinions and evidence and quantification of loss, forensic investigation mainly in terms of claims for frauds, tax investigation and property monitoring, legal disputes concerning family and private property.

Risk management

Risk management and implementation of robust corporate governance is now a social expectation and regulatory must for companies of all sizes in most jurisdictions. Even though many companies have to follow these processes and procedures according to generally applicable rules or due to the parties involved, the purpose of qualified risk management is particularly to support successful business strategies and so-called sustainable management. We will help you deal with all these matters. Together we will set up necessary transparency and responsibility for management and risks in your organization.