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The leisure and tourism sectors involve a wide range of activities, such as accommodation, catering services, event planning, thematic events, passenger transport services and other tourism and service-oriented products. The sector is highly sensitive to economic and competitive market conditions and may be subject to severe seasonal fluctuations throughout the year.

Companies operating in the leisure and tourism sectors face changes in consumer trends, impacts of economic changes, local security threats, and, last but not least, very strong local and global competition.

In recent years, entities in this sector are also facing major technological changes, which will become even more pronounced after the current pandemic crisis passes.

The Moore Czech Republic team has experts on the issue of providing agency services in the field of tourism, hotel and catering facilities management, event organisation and other leisure activities, as well as in the sphere of passenger transport services and aviation. We also have experts in the expanding field of e-commerce tourism.

Exchange rate fluctuations, permanent pressure to reduce prices, changes in regulations, new destinations, safety and health threats and technological progress – these are all core issues that have a significant impact on your business in the field of leisure, recreation and tourism sector. We are very proud of our ability to provide practical and integrated advice in this dynamic sector.