Social services, health care and education

Social services

We provide innovative and practical solutions to navigate the extremely complex social services markets. We protect and improve the results of organizations and communities through social, unemployment or family care programs as well as physical and mental care assistance programs. We help professional organizations manage concrete risks related to changes in difficult social and political environments. We work on the whole life cycle –from planning and strategies to implementation and sustainability – to achieve results that allow clients to provide more efficient social services at lower cost. We propose and implement programs that help the social services sector use shared services to lower their expanses while keeping a clear focus on key competencies and providing delegated activities

Health care

In health care we help resolve regulatory issues, set up distribution models and tax implications related to the business of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies.
We connect knowledge in the field of regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices with tax, accounting, audit and business consulting. We also deal with strategic and regulatory questions, new types of contractual relations between the State Institute for Drug Control, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, cost efficiency, register of public contracts, etc.


The education sector is currently dealing with a number of questions, such as how to manage new investments in education more effectively and fairly, what strategies can be used to secure funding from the private and non-profit sector, or what modern 21st century educational institutions should look like. We are ready to assist in addressing these and many other complex issues. Our expertise in the area of education are based on experience at all levels of government and public services, including providing guidance support to school departments of state administration and their agencies, and working with state, regional and local government authorities.