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The telecommunications sector is made up of companies that enable communication on a global scale, whether via telephone or the Internet, using radio waves, cables or wireless means. Nowadays, the telecommunications sector is gaining new dimensions as entirely new forms of transmission enter the scene.

Information technology has noted a major shift in recent years. Cloud and mobile solutions are emerging on the market, which require new approaches to problem solving; intense linking of application and portal solutions with industrial and transport units takes place; robotics, mathematical modelling and artificial intelligence come into play.

At More Czech Republic, we understand the specific challenges faced by IT and telecommunications companies in the various stages of their development. Our team includes experts specialising in the telecommunications market and information technology, who focus on these industries in depth. As one of very few consulting groups, we also have an extensive technology subgroup that provides ICT services, develops and applies mathematical models and data processing in energy and industry, and creates and operates assistive technologies.

We can design strategies and help you create and develop products and services that will enable you to reach a wider portfolio of customers. Our experts will find solutions for the revenue and cost aspect of your business in connection with global trends (content digitisation, new platforms for content production and distribution, market consolidation) and current local settings and ties within the region of Central and Eastern Europe. We will tailor hardware and software modules to your needs and upgrade your business to meet the standards of the 21st century.