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Health Care

Healthcare professionals are facing a number of challenges. They are forced to deal with regulatory issues, setting up distribution models, tax implications, but also the overall internal optimisation. A completely new course of development is the increasing share of digitalisation of internal processes and records and the associated radical development of ICT in healthcare.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also revealed that healthcare can be one of the most demanding sectors in terms of management and processes. Healthcare providers face unpredictable returns and rising costs.

Teams of experts from Moore Czech Republic have a sufficient level of relevant experience and knowledge which enables them to identify the most suitable solutions for pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, laboratories, pharmacies or health insurance companies.

 Our experts combine knowledge of regulation and taxation issues, accounting and auditing services with business consulting. We also tackle other strategic issues. We are willing to help you consider new types of contractual relationships with health insurance companies or pharmaceutical companies, deal with cost-effectiveness and operational stability through setting up the pillars of strategic development, as well as other various complex healthcare issues.

We can also assist you in setting up processes for cyber security.

Social Services

Social services are undergoing changes that correspond to the negative development of the population age structure, but also the abilities and preparedness to experience new elements of social life and technological development.

Seniors, vulnerable groups and disabled people cannot do without support when going through the complex structure of regulations and changes in their lives. At the same time, social workers and services, often working at the limits of their strength, need to find a new way to function in order to deal with all issues related to their successful work.

Our experts have extensive experience with social projects and their knowledge of the topic is at the highest level. At Moore Czech Republic, we offer innovative and practical solutions that improve the performance of organisations, communities and individuals through social care programs.
 Our goal is to achieve results which will allow clients to improve the efficiency of social services at adequate cost. That's why we work on the entire life cycle, from planning and strategy conceptualisation to implementation and sustainability. We also help users of social services to improve their skills so that they can maintain long-term self-sufficiency. Thanks to our assistive technologies, users can feel safe while maintaining contact with their loved ones and the world around them.