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In a highly regulated environment, financial and insurance service providers are under increasing pressure. No other industry experiences such rapid and extreme changes.

Factors such as advancing market globalisation, strong competition and, in particular, the threat of a global financial crisis require banks, financial service providers and insurance companies to be fully aware of the relevant requirements and their potential solutions. A constant challenge is posed also by the pressure to achieve greater efficiency, lower costs and higher profitability.

 At Moore Czech Republic, we are aware of what it means to meet the demands of a globalised financial world. That is why, through our financial expertise centre, we offer you solutions that consistently take into consideration market events and bring fast and pragmatic solutions.

 Our experts in the country and within the Moore Global network have long experience of working as consultants in small and larger companies, providing financial and insurance services. We help companies streamline their operations, meet regulatory requirements and effectively manage costs and revenues in a changing environment.

We can provide you with maximum professional support in terms of statutory procedures, process optimisation, robotisation and automation, successful planning and implementation of business transactions and solutions to specific problems in the application of new rules and regulations. We are willing to address all issues in the area of taxation and implementation of audits.